Studies using Homemade Microwave Radiometers

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Dr. Norm Grody

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Monday September 11, 2023, 2 PM ET


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For more than 30 years I worked on microwave radiometers as applied to the atmospheric and earth sciences. This all began when working at NASA in 1971, followed by NOAA beginning in 1972. My 1 st talk at ESSIC four years ago was on satellite microwave radiometry. This talk describes work I did following my NOAA retirement in 2005 when I began constructing homemade radiometers between 4 and 22 GHz. The talk primarily describes the calibration and emissivity measurements obtained using near- and far-field radiometer measurements. It also discusses the measurement and mitigation of radio frequency interference observed between 20 to 22 GHz.



Dr. Grody completed his PhD in Electrophysics in 1971 at NYU doing plasma research. He then began his government career at NASA when they first began launching experimental microwave radiometers aboard satellites to view earth from space. In 1972 he joined NOAA to work on more advanced microwave radiometers by the Air Force, Navy, NASA and NOAA. At NOAA he was mainly involved in developing algorithms to derive surface and atmospheric parameters from the radiometric measurements. Due to their all weather capability, microwave radiometers are now considered the primary instrument to monitor, analyze and forecast weather and climate.

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Norm Grody’s book, Microwave Radiometry (click for access)


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Sep 11 2023


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


ESSIC Conference Room
5825 University Research Ct, College Park, MD 20740


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