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What is an Earth Scientist?

Earth scientists are at the forefront of some of the most pressing challenges facing our planet today. UMD offers three undergraduate majors that could jumpstart a career in earth science: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Geographical Sciences, and Geology. These disciplines integrate emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning with fundamental sciences like physics, math, biology, and chemistry, enabling real-world impacts on global challenges.


As an Earth scientist, opportunities are endless. Earth scientists…

  • Conduct field work in remote and extreme environments
  • Design complex climate models and simulations using supercomputers that help predict weather patterns, study climate change impacts, and analyze large datasets
  • Analyze the composition of atmospheric gases, study ocean chemistry, and identify pollutants or greenhouse gases in the environment
  • Collaborate with local communities to solve multifaceted problems 


You have what it takes to meet the climate challenge. Are you ready to take it on? 

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A Student's Pathway to Becoming an Earth System Scientist

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